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LASEROPTIK Catalog 2015The
LASEROPTIK Catalog 2015

is released. If you want to dip virtually into the 120 pages, you can download
them as pdf file.



4 new IBS coating machines

Double IBS capacity in 2015
LASEROPTIK enlarges from four to eight industrial IBS systems e.g. for ultrafast optics, complex filter designs or in the UV. With a custom built giant machine, LASEROPTIK also offers coatings on substrates up to 2 metres in length, made by IBS.

IBS coatings up to 2 m

LASEROPTIK now designs and produces dispersion-matched pairs of broadband chirped mirrors for even better GDD compen-sation.





Cover of LASEROPTIK catalog 2015
We are proud to present LASEROPTIK‘s new catalog about laser optics and coatings, covering not only our products and technologies but also many tutorials about what is possible
with modern thin-film technology. We would be delighted about any feedback.

You can download your virtual copy here
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If you prefer reading a hard copy, do not hesitate to send us an email and tell us your address to get one.

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