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LASEROPTIK Catalog 2015The
LASEROPTIK Catalog 2015

is released. If you want to dip virtually into the 120 pages, you can download
them as pdf file.



4 new IBS coating machines

Double IBS capacity in 2015
LASEROPTIK enlarges from four to eight industrial IBS systems e.g. for ultrafast optics, complex filter designs or in the UV. With a custom built giant machine, LASEROPTIK also offers coatings on substrates up to 2 metres in length, made by IBS.

IBS coatings up to 2 m

LASEROPTIK now designs and produces dispersion-matched pairs of broadband chirped mirrors for even better GDD compen-sation.





AOI angle of incident beam to normal of surface
AR anti reflection coating
BB.. broadband..
BK7 borosilicate crown glass
BS beamsplitter
BW bandwidth for R > 99%
cc concave
cx convex
CW continuous wave
CWL center wavelength
DAR double AR
DR double reflector
FS fused silica
HBW half bandwidth
HR high reflector
IR-FS fused silica with low OH-content
LDT laser damage threshold
LP long (wave) pass
NP.. nonpolarizing ..
OC output coupler
Ø diameter
p-pol p-polarized light
pl plano
PR partial reflector
QWS quarter wave stack
R reflectance
rand. random (average) polarized light
ROC radius of curvature
SP short (wave) pass
s-pol s-polarized light
t thickness
tc center thickness
T transmittance
Tp p-polarisation transmittance
Ts s-polarisation transmittance
TFP thin film polarizer
uc uncoated
UV-FS synthetic fused silica with high UV-transmittance
λ Wavelength