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LASEROPTIK Catalog 2015The
LASEROPTIK Catalog 2015

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4 new IBS coating machines

Double IBS capacity in 2015
LASEROPTIK enlarges from four to eight industrial IBS systems e.g. for ultrafast optics, complex filter designs or in the UV. With a custom built giant machine, LASEROPTIK also offers coatings on substrates up to 2 metres in length, made by IBS.

IBS coatings up to 2 m

LASEROPTIK now designs and produces dispersion-matched pairs of broadband chirped mirrors for even better GDD compen-sation.




Ion Beam Sputtering

LASEROPTIK uses ion beam sputtering (IBS) as the most advanced deposition technology for even most critical demands on laser optics.

Actually 4 machines are on the run for special require-ments, e.g. high power supermirrors with superior reflectivities (99.99%) and lowest losses (<100 ppm), complex filter designs or coatings on crystals. With a new GDD measurement setup, LASEROPTIK also offers chirped mirrors.

Ion beam in operation in an IBS chamberIBS works with RF-guns, normally used in sattelite technology. Argon ions are accelerated by approx. 1.5kV onto a metal target. Atoms are sputtered off the target and deposit on a rotating calotte. A homogeneous coating distribution is limited to about 30 cm in diameter, unless multiplied by a planetary substrate fixture.

LASEROPTIK's IBS coating plants have been designed with a secondary RF plasma source. It emits oxygen ions directly onto the substrate surfaces in order to receive well-oxidized, non absorbing oxide layers with low internal stress.

As with magnetron sputtering, IBS is a "cold" process, in which the endogeneous process temperature does not exceed 100°C. With the accuracy of LASEROPTIKÌs broadband monitoring systems, fractional parts of a monolayer can be detected. As a result of highest precision in film growth and an amorphous, almost defect free microstructure, IBS is considered the most advanced coating method in the thin-film industry.

Please feel free to contact our sputtering specialist directly:
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